Ángela Duque Villegas

Forestry Engineer, M.Sc. Economics of the environment and natural resources from the Los Andes University and the University of Maryland. Experience in the design, development, validation, and verification of GHG emission reduction projects. Economic studies of mitigation and adaptation to climate change and the formulation of public policies. Extensive international experience related to the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change. She was part of the first climate change mitigation office (MAVDT) and the COP 9 negotiations.

Adriana Reina Quintero

Environmental Engineer M.Sc. from Paul Sabatier University.

Experience in environmental management and supervision of projects. It includes environmental evaluation, polluted areas remediation, comprehensive management of water resources, and risk analysis. Experience in research and innovation projects focused on wastewater treatment systems. Adriana has worked in France, Argentina, Colombia, and Haiti to apply and evaluate standards, directives, and international environmental management regulations.

Cesar Garay Bohórquez

Agricultural Engineer, MSc. Soils & Water Wageningen University and Research Centrum, The Netherlands. He is an expert in managing water and soils. His experience covers hydraulic, hydrological, and hydro-economic modeling, technical and scientific project management. It also includes designing nature-based solutions for flood control and soil erosion, planning climate change adaptation and mitigation measures, remote sensor data processing, and geographic information systems.

Miguel Rodríguez Melo

Biologist, MSc. Physiology applied to production systems.

He is a biologist with recognized experience in the forestry sector and the development of climate change projects. He worked as Forestry Director of Pizano SA and General and Country Manager of Monterrey Forestal Colombia.

He was a member of various organizations' board of directors, such as Acofore, Conif, Fedemaderas, and Camcore. He is a counselor of agricultural sciences in Colciencias and a member of the Species Survival Commission of the IUCN.